Italian English Dictionary + Customer Reviews:


Great for Italian class

I tried the free version first and liked it but it was a bit short on vocab. This version has loads more words and expressions. You can lookup everything you see in the dictionary by tapping on it, and hear it pronounced. Verb conjugations are in the dictionary too along with noun genders. This is a super app for anybody taking a class and its worth it to get a good grade.

Ascendo Italian English Dictionary

I nave used several different Italian/English dictionaries and this one is very good. It is intuitive and easy to use. Originally purchased it fot Iphone and when I got a Nexus 7, this was one of the first apps I bought. Didn't mind paying the price as its well worth it. Would be useful to administer the quiz by selecting verbs/tenses and words. It would be brilliant if you could link the quiz to words etc that you have looked up (now we are talking seriously good!).

Missing lots of words in Italian.

Collins is way better...

Expensive, but worth it.

Easy to download and install. Very user-friendly, and relatively comprehensive, though there have been a few words lacking (especially particular forms of speech). Price is a little expensive for an app, but it's worth it. It is confusing to advertise it as a "free" dictionary and then charge $10 for more comprehensive translating/dictionary functions.

The best I have found

A newbie trying to pick up some essentials of the Italian language, I find the Italian-English dictionary by Ascendo really useful. Quickly responding on my android mobile, I use it in shops, restaurants etc, but also when I have a few minutes to learn a new phrase or a couple of new words. At least for a beginner the dictionary is remarkably extensive. Notably, this is offline (online for pronounciation and text translation). Recently it was also modified so you don't need to specify whether your lookup is English or Italian. Moreover, if you type in a conjugated verb, the response will direct you to the infinitive. Very useful for beginners! Another feature is that you can always tap the suggested translations for fine-tuning of the interpretation. The final feature I will mention, is the collection of phrases -organized in topics like Greetings, Accomodations, Flirting etc. There are also functions like Pronounce and Translate (phrases) which rely on Google and of course that you are online. Myself I have not explored these very much. This dictionary is highly recommended, the best one I have come across.

Easy to use

Having bought the French version I found this Italian version just as good. Worth getting the paid for version with larger database.

Good App

I purchased this app because I've used the iOS version in the past, which is very good. While this port retains some of those features and is easy to use, there is still work to be done. I've noticed a bit of duplication, and I think the 'translate' feature could just be dropped completely as it provides very little added value on its own. I'd prefer to see more idioms added, and a global search, instead of having to switch between languages. Still, I much prefer it to the other dictionary apps I've purchased. (Note, I purchased both the Italian and German dictionaries, and have found this review to be common between both products)

I like the many related phrases that this dictionary gives for any given word. I would give it 5 stars if there were a look up widget.